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5 Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant

dental implant

Ten to twenty years ago, dentures were the method of choice for replacing missing teeth. Today, however, dental implants are the gold standard—and for good reason! Implants are designed to look like your other teeth, built to last, and as easy to clean as the rest of your teeth.

When considering a dental implant, Mississauga residents can feel safe knowing there are a few major benefits to the procedure. Keep reading to find out more.


Better Overall Tooth Health


The healthiest mouths have a full set of teeth. This is true for many reasons, but the most important reason is that a complete set of teeth helps keep teeth in place! You may not think of your teeth as mobile, but they actually tend to shift and move over time.

A missing tooth opens up space for your other teeth to shift over. This, in turn, can make some teeth crooked, which impairs your ability to brush and floss.


2. Preserved Bone Density


With an empty tooth socket, the bone surrounding your tooth will weaken over time. In turn, the parts of your jawbone around these sockets will decrease in size after losing bone density. If you have several missing teeth for a long period of time, your cheeks may even begin to collapse.

All of this occurs on a very gradual timeline, but implants can help you avoid this bone atrophy altogether. The last thing you want is for missing teeth to impact the structure of your face!


3. More Efficient Chewing


The health of your mouth affects the overall health of your body, which is why oral health is linked to heart health, for example. But your ability to chew—with a full set of teeth—also impacts your digestion, which starts in the mouth. If you can’t break down your food as well as you need to, your stomach and intestines might have to work harder to keep up.


4. Easier Speech


Your teeth impact your ability to speak as well, especially your upper teeth. Missing teeth can make it harder to speak correctly, as it may sound like you mispronounce or slur certain letters. However, getting dental implants that act like real teeth can help you speak with ease once more.


5. A Glowing Smile


Many of our patients tell us they feel self-conscious about their smile when they have missing or impaired teeth. This, in turn, makes them more likely to hide their smiles or smile less altogether—but who wants to go through life without smiling? An implant can help shape up your smile for a more confident look!


Get a Dental Implant Mississauga Residents Trust


For a dental implant Mississauga residents trust, our team is here to help. We love helping our patients see all of the benefits above—and more—with the right implants.

Our team of dental implant surgeons in Mississauga is ready to brighten your smile, so check out what Rockwood Dental Associates can do for you!


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