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Preventative Dentistry in Mississauga

Our preventive dentistry program in Mississauga is a cooperative effort by the patient, Dr. Glenn McKay, and our dental staff to preserve your natural dentition and support bone structures by preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases. Dental cleaning is an innate part of preventive dentistry. The cleaning sessions usually include examination of teeth and gum health, plaque removal, polishing of the tooth surface, a fluoride treatment, in short, quick deep cleaning of your teeth. Rely on us for professional dental cleaning in Mississauga.


Deep teeth cleaning sessions are an opportunity for the hygienist to detect any signs of decay or issues that may cause dental problems in future. Regular deep cleaning has helped people get rid of dental problems such as bad breath, cavities, tooth decay, tooth stains and gum diseases. In addition, this may also help you escape oral surgery.


Gum disease, tooth decay and trauma are the primary reasons why adult patients lose their teeth. Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. It is continued in the dental office by the efforts of your family dentist and dental hygienist to promote, restore, and maintain your oral health.



A Wide Range of Preventive Treatments

There is a range of preventive treatments that can help you maintain the health and hygiene of your teeth. From X-rays to thorough cleaning jobs, here’s how you can ensure that your teeth are always in an immaculate condition with these preventive treatments:

  • A Complete X-Ray to assess your oral health: An X-ray can help us identify any oral problems in your teeth or gums. They can help in detecting infection or cavities at a preliminary stage, making it easy to find a suitable dental solution.
  • A thorough cleaning procedure: we can perform a comprehensive cleaning process to ensure that any plaque and buildup is cleaned completely.
  • Application of sealant: these treatments are especially recommended for children in the cavity-prone age bracket of 6-14 years of age.
  • Fluoride treatments: A fluoride treatment implies the application of a gel-like fluoride-containing substance that lends strength to your teeth.
  • Oral examinations of your teeth and gums: Regular oral examinations can go a long way in checking for periodontal treatments.
  • Examine for tooth decay: All tooth surfaces will be checked for decay with special dental instruments. Early cavity detection is key to keeping your pearly whites in good health.

Call us for more information on our range of preventive oral treatments.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Glenn McKay at Rockwood Dental performs simple tooth extractions on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anesthesia and require only the use of instruments to elevate and/or grasp the visible portion of the tooth.


Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or they have not erupted fully (such as impacted wisdom teeth). Our office would refer you to an oral surgeon in these cases for specialty dental care and would follow-up with you at a future appointment.


Learn about Wisdom Teeth

Custom-fitted Sports Guards and Night Guards

Wearable day or night, a custom-fitted night guard acts as a bumper guard, absorbing the force of the clenching or grinding. While horseshoe-shaped, over-the-counter night guards are also available, they tend to be uncomfortable and are so soft that they may get chewed away. In addition, over-the-counter night guards do not account for occlusal discrepancies that may be the source of your bruxism problems, thus making your grinding and clenching problem worse. Custom-fitted nightguards, made of hard acrylic, can help bruxers avoid such problems.


A single blow to the mouth or jaw can cause serious dental damage that is very painful and expensive to treat. You can minimize the risk of this type of injury by using a mouthguard when you take part in sports and other recreational activities. Mouthguards are resilient appliances that fit over your teeth. When worn during sports activities, mouthguards help protect against injuries to the teeth and other areas in and around your mouth.


The risk of this kind of injury is commonly associated with contact sports, such as football, rugby, hockey, and boxing and even basketball, soccer, squash, gymnastics, skateboarding, and taekwondo. Depending on the type and extent of dental injury, a single blow to the mouth may result in months or even years of treatment, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Why Is Preventive Dentistry Important?

Preventive dental services are important to maintain the overall health and hygiene of your teeth and gums. Neglecting your teeth can cause far-reaching problems like tooth decay, cavities, oral infections and abscess. Timely care and treatment can help in ensuring that your teeth are protected against any dental problems. Simple treatments and cautionary procedures such as a complete cleanup or application of sealants can help in ensuring your overall dental health and well-being.


By opting for periodic dental cleaning in Mississauga, you can keep oral problems at bay. The routine oral exams and cleaning sessions enable your dental expert to determine the suitable treatment for any dental concern you may have. Bookmark our blog page to read the latest content on dental care.


Call us for an appointment for preventive dentistry services in Mississauga today. New patients and referrals are always welcome.

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